Peer-reviewed, published articles:

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5) An alternative proof of the Faltings-Elkies bound., 11 pages.

6) On the Irreducibility and Distribution of Arithmetic Divisors., 70 pages.

7) On the additivity of Newton-Okounkov bodies., 11 pages.

8) (with N. Looper and J. Silverman) A uniform quantitative Manin-Mumford theorem for curves over function fields., 18 pages.

9) Degeneration of Riemann theta functions and of the Zhang-Kawazumi invariant with applications to a uniform Bogomolov conjecture., 23 pages.

10) Some differential equations for the Riemann theta-function on Jacobians., 10 pages.

Other publications:

11) On the distribution of algebraic numbers. In: Diophantische Approximationen (hybrid meeting), MFO report no. 21/2022 (2022), p. 1107-1109.

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13) The delta invariant in Arakelov geometry. PhD thesis, University of Bonn (2016), urn:nbn:de:hbz:5n-43447.

Notes and Slides: